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April 3, 2017


White Kite Studio is back at it with these cute FREE DIY tropsi designed paper cones. I had such fun shooting these in different ways. Use these cones as a cute popcorn holder, wrap them around your ice-cream cone, hang them as decoration. Just download and print to get creative! Head over to the¬†to get this free DIY for yourself. Enjoy! ūüôā

*FYI all photography by me ūüôā Including some scenery from a Thailand tropical trip I took last year.

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February 20, 2017

Creative Branding: Happinest Weddings

I’m so happy¬†to share the first creative branding project that I completed at White Kite Studio¬†last year.

Since it’s the month of love, I thought there’s no better time to show off this beautiful, romantic and elegant branding.

I present to you, Happinest Weddings. Erin Turnbull is the women behind Happinest Weddings and she specialises in wedding coordination and styling for lovebirds in Cape Town. I feel so honoured to have played a part in bringing this brand identity to life. Along with Anzel from White Kite Studio, our design process took about 3 months and the end result just makes me the happiest designer alive.

Every branding project starts with a good mood board. Images from Pinterest.

The final logo was a literal representation of a ‚Äėnest‚Äô using geometric shapes and lines.¬†

The combination of a san serif font paired with hand lettering really balanced it all in the end. 

This is the final colour palette and selection of patterns and textures for the brand. We chose to¬†use mostly black and white imagery to add an extra touch of class (as you’ll also spot on their website). There is also a touch of rose gold here and there, as well as marble and geometric textures.

This was absolutely one of my favourite brands to work on¬†and I’m super proud of the outcome. Go check out more beautiful design work over at¬†and make sure to follow Happinest on Facebook & Instagram.

*Black & white photography by amazing Lauren Pretorius for Happinest Weddings

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February 1, 2017

Wedding Stationery Preview + Design Advice

Most people have no idea what I do¬†and to be honest I’m still figuring it out myself. I graduated 3 years ago and since then I’ve done so many different kind of design jobs. Social media content¬†to web design to editorial to wedding stationery, I’ve done it all and this is only the beginning.

Someone once said use your 20’s to explore¬†as many different avenues of design as possible to figure out what you’re¬†most passionate about.¬†It was only recently that I got into wedding stationery thanks to an internship at¬†White Kite Studio. I have never in my life learnt so much about design. It’s not just creating a few pretty things, I promise you! I must have designed around 10 different wedding sets for different couples in the last 3 month and each one has only surprised me.

A¬†little preview of the designs¬†I’ve done so far with¬†White Kite Studio.

For young designers out there, these words really helped inspire me: “I suggest not worrying so much about making a huge paycheck right away if you don’t have to. Instead focusing on figuring out what you‚Äôre most passionate about. Find the studios or creatives you really admire and look up to, who are doing that kind of work you want to be making one day. Try to work and learn from them, even if it means an internship if you can‚Äôt get a job right away. I found real work experience can often be a better learning experience then education in many cases, there is a huge value to that. I believe most creatives can benefit from working at a studio or underneath a creative with more prominence / experience for at least a few years.” – Jessica Walsh

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January 20, 2017

The Final Pink Party Workshop

Where do I begin? Let me just start by saying I first came across the Pink Party by White Kite Studio last year just after¬†I had quit my design job to start freelancing full time. I was desperately looking for some creative business help and I had my name on the list to sign up for the next workshop. Little did I know, a few months later I’d be sitting at the LAST Pink Party workshop as the workshop administrator. And if you told me I’d be the one photographing the entire event, I really wouldn’t have believed you. Life really does have a funny way of working out!

Anzel and I¬†organised 3 workshops at the end of 2016. First in Durban, then Gauteng and lastly the Western Cape. I was beyond excited when the day finally arrived and it was the Western Cape’s turn to party. Behind the scenes, it was a lot of hard work and preparation, so I knew it was going to be one of those unforgettable experiences. The workshop is run by Anzel van Biljon from White Kite Studio. It’s an intense 3 day workshop made just for¬†creative entrepreneurs to show them¬†how to focus their brands, grow¬†their¬†tribes and to get them excited about their business again.

The workshop was hosted at the brand new venue, The Styling Shed in Stellenbosch. All the florals done by the amazing Leipzig Floral Designs.

Delicious PINK food to fit in with the theme all by the wonderful Food Fox.

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December 10, 2016

Top 10 local brands to buy from online

Don’t know about you, but I’m one huge fan of local brands & online shopping. Over the past few months, I’ve been scouting out my favourite local SA brands & I’ve become a loyal follower of these 10 online stores.

If you’ve been to any shopping mall lately, you would have noticed the swarm of people¬†who have just appeared for¬†the silly season.

If you hate crowds and queues like me, you’ll also be doing all your Christmas shopping online this year. It’s quick, easy & super reliable, plus local wins any day! Here’s my go-to list of SA¬†favourites to shop from this Christmas. Local brands¬†make my South African heart so happy & proud ūüôā


Obviously Zana is at the top of the list – I have SO many Zana products and they know I’m a loyal supporter. This is my office on those rainy cuddle weather days ūüėČ

2. NIFTY250

I’m obsessed with my nifty photo wall filled with all my travel photos. Nifty250 now has a whole lot of new products from frames to phone covers – yay!


I don’t think there is any jewelry out there that’s prettier than Dear Rae &¬†this Tropsi Collection of theirs¬†– OMG! Photo for Dear Rae by the amazing¬†welovepictures.

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October 20, 2016

The Taste of Pesto Princess

There’s something about¬†Pesto Princess products. They simply have that royal taste of the finest local, quality ingredients. I’ve been a fan of their pestos for years (a jar does not last long in my fridge) and when I¬†discovered their NEW range of healthy soups, I could not have been more impressed.


The lovely ladies at Pesto Princess kindly sent the whole new range of their products to my door¬†to try out! I was pleasantly surprised that each one has that tasty homemade goodness. Winter couldn’t come fast enough!

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September 2, 2016

Wedding Photography Workshop

The amazingly talented Jenni Elizabeth¬†hosted a photography workshop earlier this year and I was lucky enough to be there. I didn’t know what to expect since I have no previous wedding photography experience and this was my first workshop, but those two days blew me away! Attending the workshop was one of the BEST decisions I’ve made this year and an experience I’ll never forget.¬†Take a look at¬†Jenni’s¬†post here¬†(it’s a good one!).

Here’s some of my favourite moments that¬†I captured¬†at the workshop and let’s not forget the wonderful¬†service providers involved: ¬†The Styling & Coordination¬† | ¬†The Venue¬† | ¬†The Dress¬† | ¬†The Make-up ¬†| ¬†The Models

Most importantly, thank you to Jenni for sharing so much with us over these two days!

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August 15, 2016

The start of something new


Welcome! It has taken me years¬†to just get over myself and publish my first blog. I attended an amazing blog workshop by Natalie Roos from¬†Tails of a Mermaid¬†hosted at Jordan Wine¬†Estate¬†this month and realised it’s time to stop talking about starting my own blog and just do it already! I was looking¬†for pro¬†blog advice and inspiration and if you read Natalie’s stories, you’ll know she has one successful blog.

Probably the most important tip I got from Natalie is the key to having a successful blog is simply consistency. Duh Fiona! Like most things in life, if you want to get anywhere, keep consistent. Words to live by!

I don’t have a big¬†plan for my blog just yet, but I know I want to use this¬†online space to share my adventures and all the things I love plus showcase my best designs + photos. I’ll figure out the finer details later, but for now I just had to start somewhere. Thanks for stopping by ūüôā