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February 1, 2017

Wedding Stationery Preview + Design Advice

Most people have no idea what I do and to be honest I’m still figuring it out myself. I graduated 3 years ago and since then I’ve done so many different kind of design jobs. Social media content to web design to editorial to wedding stationery, I’ve done it all and this is only the beginning.

Someone once said use your 20’s to explore as many different avenues of design as possible to figure out what you’re most passionate about. It was only recently that I got into wedding stationery thanks to an internship at White Kite Studio. I have never in my life learnt so much about design. It’s not just creating a few pretty things, I promise you! I must have designed around 10 different wedding sets for different couples in the last 3 month and each one has only surprised me.

A little preview of the designs I’ve done so far with White Kite Studio.

For young designers out there, these words really helped inspire me: “I suggest not worrying so much about making a huge paycheck right away if you don’t have to. Instead focusing on figuring out what you’re most passionate about. Find the studios or creatives you really admire and look up to, who are doing that kind of work you want to be making one day. Try to work and learn from them, even if it means an internship if you can’t get a job right away. I found real work experience can often be a better learning experience then education in many cases, there is a huge value to that. I believe most creatives can benefit from working at a studio or underneath a creative with more prominence / experience for at least a few years.” – Jessica Walsh

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